Almonds With Heart



Today I am collaborating with Farm to Kids. Farm to Kids was created by a 5th generation farming family that grows almonds. They are a social‐good company that believes in providing a healthy, unprocessed, protein rich food source to children in need. Farm to Kids is passionate about positively impacting the way children consume food. For every pound of almonds they sell, they will donate a pound to kids in need!


I know that you agree that our culture is overwhelmed with processed unhealthy options, so learning more about Farm to Kids felt so great. Clean eating can be difficult nowadays because it’s rare to be able to connect directly with the farmers growing our food. Collaborating with Farm to Kids gave me great hope that we still have amazing people out there that believe in a good product that is healthy for our bodies and good for our soul.


As a consumer I feel great about eating these almonds. Why? Well for many reasons but most importantly because I am supporting a small business whose mission is to provide people with a good product that gives back. This business provides almonds to children in Northern California. They recently donated a 25lb box of Almond’s to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, in the Stanislaus County) and to the after-school program THRIVE that works with 6 schools in the Stanislaus County. These are only two examples of the many more donations that they have made. Donations is also not the only way this company is engaging with communities, they are also going to schools and speaking to children about clean eating.

Please go here to read and order your almonds!


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