Picking Up The Pieces: Jewelery Made From Bombs



Lourdes Martin featuring article 22 necklace

Lourdes Martin drinking La Colombe coffee


Lourdes Martin featured article 22 necklace I know that I’m always excited to share conscious brands with you all but today I am SUPER excited!!!! The necklace I’m wearing on this shoot (and that I will be wearing with many more outfits) is made from recycled bomb materials. Article 22 works with artisans in Laos to recycle bomb material, plane parts, and other aluminum scrap, and makes them into jewelry.  These bombs were dropped in Laos during the Vietnam War and today are still in many parts of the country. Insane, right?!

During the shoot a part of me was a bit emotional because I knew deep down how much this purchase meant to the artisans in Laos. Article 22 provides the following:

  • Pays artisans 4x the local market rate.
  • Donates to the village development fund.
  • Donates to continue clearing the bomb-infested land.

I hope this post inspires YOU to become part of this transformative story and to reflect on the power that we hold has consumers. This beautiful necklace is a reminder to me that fashion and philanthropy can coexist to make the world a better place.

Learn more about the brand here and vote for Article 22 to become 1 of 10 finalist in the Tory Burch Entrepreneur Fellow program here.

Photos by: Kylie Li. Rogers 



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