Morning is a special time of day for me. Yes, I am a morning person and love that I am. Hahaha. I mean, it can suck on certain occasions when I’m out late the night before and wake up at 6:30AM and can’t go back to sleep.

Most mornings I get up and immediately make myself a detox drink with water, cayenne, ginger, organic honey and lemon. While I sip my drink (it’s clearly not very tasty so it takes me a while to drink it lol), I light my candle,check emails, Instagram and sometimes write my to do list. Sounds like a calm morning, right? Don’t get it twisted -this is DEF. not me everyday! But the one thing that stays consistent is burning a candle either in the morning or evening. It’s weird but it brings me a sense of tranquility and obviously makes the house smell great. REWINED candles have amazing scents. Not only do their fragrances mimic different types of wine but the vessel is made from recycled wine bottles!! Check out the cool process here.
Why I love this candle:
1. Your house will smell like wine all day…Umm Hello-need I say more??!
2. Made in small batches in Charleston, S.C
3. All natural soy wax
My favorite scent is Rose-I love it and don’t think I will be buying any other for a very long time. 🙂
Photos by: Kylie Li Rogers