Sharing Is Caring: October

FEED: I’ve been a fan since my internship at the Unite Nations (like 7 years ago- writing that just made me feel real old…yikes). Not only are Feed bags super cute and practical but your purchase can save a life.  Feed provides access to nutrition to children and families living in harsh conditions.

ACCOMPANY: I was so happy to have found this website-everything sold on this site has a global impact. The thing I love the most about this site-is the layout, it tells you exactly where the overall mission is and who made the products.

KIND TRAVELER: This company is impacting the way we travel. If you book a hotel through their site, a portion of your bill goes to charity. Isn’t that a great idea?!  I’m def. thinking of booking our next vacation with Kind Traveler.

PIPCORN: The yummiest popcorn founded by a brother and sister made locally (in Brooklyn) and in small batches!! Check them out online to find them at your nearest shop.

HAND IN HAND SOAP:  Buy a soap and provide cleaning drinking water in developing countries. I met these folks when I worked at Goldman Sachs and was touched by their mission. I collaborated with them a few months ago-please check here.



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