Make A Sweet Difference

Greyston Bakery

I took a tour of the Greyston Facility in Yonkers, New York

the best brownie a tour of greyston bakeryGreyston Bakery

Coffee and Brownies

I have a serious sweet tooth! I blame my dad for that (it’s hereditary, you didn’t know?! jk lol). Thomas and I usually keep something sweet at home…like dark chocolate, vegan ice cream or Greyston brownies. I learned about Greyston brownies at Whole Foods a couple of years ago and I’ve been obsessed. Not only are these brownies really delicious (fun fact: they are used to make some of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream) but they are changing lives. Greyston Bakery has an open hire policy which means they provide jobs based on availability not experience. They give people a second chance by providing them with a job and continuous professional development assistant, low-income housing and child-care. How amazing its that?! Now when I buy Greyston brownies at Whole Foods I know that I’m making a sweet difference in someone’s life.


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