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Our Christmas tree is finally up! I wish I could tell you that we run out and buy our tree December 1st but we don’t. We get lazy and wait a week or two…this literally happens every year… Haha.  We buy our tree from one of the local markets in Brooklyn which is just a few blocks away from our apartment and decorate it with ornaments that we have bought over the years. I usually add one set of new ornaments every year but otherwise it pretty much stays the same! Gift wrapping stays consistent too but this year I decided to wrap all my gifts with lokta paper that’s made in Nepal. Even though, I am not the best at wrapping gifts, this paper was just so pretty and delicate that I couldn’t pass on it. Plus using this wrapping paper makes for a good story-Aveda has a partnership with the community in Nepal that’s been making this paper since the 12th century. Over the years, Aveda’s partnership has employed over 5K people; mostly women. Not too often that you find the gift wrapping paper that’s good for the earth and communities!

I hope you’re all enjoying decorating your home for the holidays! If you still need gift suggestions, don’t forget to check my gift guides!

Photos by: Arlene St. Hilaire from A Table of Love