My First Giveaway


Hi friends!

If you’ve been following my instagram (@plsdotell) then you would know that I’m currently running an amazing giveaway with Truthful Taxes, a family-owned business that helps you file your taxes in the most efficient way.  Most of us either love tax season or hate it, so getting the right assistance is important to make the process less painful. You can file your taxes in just a few steps online and then on the final step, you speak to someone on the phone to confirm all your information. Speaking to a live person makes a big difference for me because I usually have a ton of questions.

I don’t ever really do giveaways so I picked Truthful Taxes because not only do I love supporting small businesses but also because they give back. Truthful Taxes makes a generous annual donation to the YMCA and donates Christmas gifts to families in need. How awesome is that!? I’m very excited for you to enter and win $1,000 – please review the rules below and tell your friends and family. 🙂


  1. Follow both Plsdotell and Truthful_Taxes on instagram
  2. Like the “giveaway”  photo on instagram
  3. Register and file on Truthful_Taxes

*****Giveaway will end on 2/14


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  1. Hildalin Rojas
    January 31, 2017 / 11:06 am

    Yayy!! Thank you for the lovely post friend, we love you!!! Your support means everything to us!

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