Yes, I’m very much aware that we still have Spring and Summer and that I should probably be excited about many things other than Fall fashion! But I just can’t help myself – what could possibly be more exciting then shopping for a whole new wardrobe or better yet realizing that some classic trends may already be in your closet for Fall 2017. Here are a few of my fave:

The bows are back!! I could live on pussy bow blouses and velvet bow ties on my hair – not joking. The Tory Burch Collection was perfect and gave me all the jittery feelings.

Tory Burch. photo by: Imaxtree

3. RED
You’re about to see a whole lot red this upcoming Fall. We all know dusty rose (pink) is my fave color – but red gets me excited because it’s a color that exudes boldness and confidence.

Victoria Beckham via Pinterest

Okay, so this is more for Spring season but I thought it was amazing to see how many designers were expressing their political opinion through fashion. In my personal opinion, a t-shirt with a political statement should always be in style! Did you catch my most recent post here?

Alicia + Olivia via Getty Images

love oversized everything – is chic and hides all the unwanted fat I gain during winter months so its a win-win for me! 🙂

Alexander Wang. photo by: imax tree