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Andrew and Stephanie are two beautiful souls that I’m fortunate enough to call friends. You ever look at Instagram and think that certain couples look too “good” to be true? Yea, well that’s not the case here – Stephanie and Andrew’s  life is exactly how you see it on Instagram. Trust me. They truly do live in a fabulous Williamsburg apartment and are always trying new or (old favorites) in the neighborhood and if not, jetting off on a vacation somewhere incredible. Both work extremely hard but know how to enjoy life -grateful they were able to sit with us and give us the scoop of where to eat, drink and have fun in Williamsburg.

Tell us a little about yourselves – how long have you lived in Williamsburg and what do you do for a living? 

We’ve lived in Williamsburg for 3 years and Andrew runs a luxury lifestyle site and Stephanie sells social media software,

 What brought you here and what keeps you? 

We moved to Williamsburg 2 years after moving to New York from Florida. We started our New York life in Fidi, and finally understood what people were talking about when they talked about “loving their neighborhood.”

Williamsburg is home to our favorite bars, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping and people watching. It’s also not completely flooded by tourists and gives you an opportunity to develop a relationship with local businesses.

If we had one day in Williamsburg, where would you take us for breakfast, coffee, and dinner? 

Start your morning at Sweatshop for a flat white coffee and avocado toast.

Then take a one-block walk to Meyers Bageri for a morning bun with butter and cheese.

For lunch we might grab a slice from Joes pizza or if we’re super hungry a roast pork sandwich from Federoff.

For dinner it’s Lilia, some of the best pasta in the world. Make sure to order the Mozzarella, Rigatoni and Mafaldini and wash it all down with an Aperol Spritz.

What’s your go-to drink spots? 

Maison Premier for bespoke cocktails.

Sort of for great wine by the glass and a local atmosphere.

Golden Years for a great old fashioned or pint.

Where do you go to unwind? 

The above mentioned are our go to’s after a stressful day of work.

When you travel are you into mountains, beaches or cities?  

We’re definitely either beach or city people. We try to create a trip that incorporates both whenever we can.

 Describe your neighborhood in three words. 

Authentic, Inspiring and Delicious.

Does living in Williamsburg inspire you? And if so, how? 

Just walking down the street you see people that just look “cool”, and it’s a constant inspiration to want to elevate your style and way of life.

What are some under the radar must – do recommendations for BK visitors?

Doc wine bar is a great Sardinian Italian spot.

Belle Shoals has an awesome Nola inspired garden area that is easily overlooked but a great weekend spot.

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Andrew: Founder of Life Tailored
Stephanie: Sales at Sprinklr

Orlando and Boca, Florida

Williamsburg, Brooklyn




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