NYC Farmers Market

Warmer weather in NYC is great for many reasons – including eating al fresco, rooftop outings, weekend getaways to the beach and food shopping at the farmers market! Since a very young age, I remember taking trips with my family to the farmers market in our neighborhood. I have to admit that it’s still very intimidating to walk the local stands with all the exotic looking herbs, flowers, and cheeses but it’s honestly one of the best to learn about locally grown food – I guarantee you that you can probably visit the market every weekend and still learn something new every-time you go! I think is also a great idea for families to take their kids and teach them about where their food comes from….the farmers market is really a family affair!

So where can you check farmers markets in NYC? Below are the two I’m mostly familiar with – but each NYC borough has a ton – use this website to find them in your area.


Union Square Greenmarket  – this market is world renowned – visited by thousands of people and truly and experience in itself! As a New Yorker – this is not my go-to because is just soooo busy but if you’re visiting NYC this summer then you should def. add this to your list!


Fort Greene Market – this market is two blocks away from my house – it’s fairly small but has everything I need! this is were I typically go if I want specialty cheese, fresh flowers, or freshly baked goods. Don’t forget to bring cash – they do have ATM’s but I rather bring cash to avoid the hassle.





  1. Jessica Hummel
    June 1, 2017 / 11:41 am

    Girl!! That pink dress is TO DIE FOR! I agree, Union Square Market is the best. – Jess From TB

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