French Cafes In NYC That You Must Visit

Lafayette Cafe and Bakery - NYC

I’m writing this post for those of you who didn’t make it to Paris this summer ( myself included ) but want to find a cafe that will remind you of the city of love. Their really is nothing more parisian than a cafe and if their is one thing about me that you already know is that when I’m not traveling, I enjoy finding experiences that will take me back to my favorite vacations. Since I won’t be making it to Paris anytime soon but love to sit at cafes enjoying a warm croissant and reading the paper ( which right now only includes me reading the travel section since I can’t stand to read one more thing about our terrible President…insert eye roll here** ), I created a list of my favorite french cafes in New York City!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve been to any of these or have tried a favorite I missed!

Lafayette Cafe & Bakery : I’m pretty obsessed with this spot because it’s chic, sophisticated and delicious! Great for brunch or dinner but even better to just grab a croissant and coffee. Sometimes I’m looking for an informal setting to just read my paper and have coffee and Lafayette is perfect because the bakery sits inside the restaurant but has it’s own private space so I can just walk in and get the same great service of the restaurant.

Laduree Soho: Nothing says Paris like Laduree! Grab your girlfriends because this spot screams “instagram” – get a coffee and an assorted box of macarons to share. I will be honest with you, I’m not the biggest fan of the brunch menu and only go to satisfy my sweet tooth, however, I haven’t tried the dinner menu so that could be good.

Dominique Ansel Bakery: Okay, okay, I haven’t tried the infamous cronut that people line up every morning to buy BUT I can tell you that the pastries are AMAZING! So this spot may not be my first choice to sit and people watch because it’s small and always has a lot of people. However, this is where I would come if I wanted to buy a special pastry for guests or if I simply just want a decadent french treat.

Balthazar:    An oldie but a goodie, this spot is a New York City classic! You can catch me here during the winter months for a hot cocoa and house made french baguette. I promise you that walking into the dining room or bakery will bring you a certain nostalgia that only someone who’s obsessed with Paris can understand. Ahhh! This restaurant will always be a favorite.

Maman : The dishes and cafe decor are inspired by the south of france and the location in Tribeca is a staple for me ( in my humble opinion, I think is the best location)  and I tried to have most of my meetings here since I can always count on it having a varied menu selection. During the colder months I go for the lavender hot chocolate or Matcha lattes!

Maison May: If you find yourself in Brooklyn then this french cafe needs to be on your list. If you didn’t catch the interview with Catherine May, owner of Maison May then read it here. Maison May will inspire you to take a minute to recharge and just enjoy the moment – no laptops are allowed so make yourself comfortable with a book because this is no place for work.


French Cafe in Nyc

New York Times and Coffee
Lafayette Cafe and Bakery

Lafayette Cafe and Croissants




Photos by: Paige Campbell Linden 



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    Lovely article. And beautiful pictures too. Keep travelling and keep sharing!!

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