Addicted To Athleisure

I can literally live in my gym clothes! More than ever, brands are designing stylish althleisure collections that make it easy for you to wear them anywhere you want! If I could seriously wear high-end athleisure clothing to work everyday, I actually would. Okay, maybe not everyday but on most days – haha.   Even now I no longer just wear them for the gym but wear them to run errands, meet with friends/fellow bloggers, casual business meetings, and movies date nights. Check out Carbon 38 and you’ll be inspired to want to wear gym clothes all day long!!

How do you make your gym clothes more high fashion? For starters, I understand that is not sustainable to keep buying $100 yoga pants but I still do it because I wear them a million times. I just think is best to own 5 pair of good quality pants that you can wear all year-long instead of buying 10 cheap ones. Fit and style is very important to me since I don’t usually only use them workout. The 3 pieces that I buy that always cost me money are the sneakers, the pants and the gym jacket. For my tops, I usually go to Old Navy, Forever 21 or the Gap. I also like to keep my pants away from “trending” colors because you pay a high price but then get tired of them once they go out of style so stick with neutrals. If you do want a pop of color, I’d say the tops are a good way to have a little more fun or even the sneakers!

So what are some of your favorite brands? And are you someone who wears athletic wear everywhere? Looking forward to hearing your responses!




  1. Samapti Taylor
    August 11, 2017 / 11:42 am

    girl this post is speaking to me! I worked in probably the only corporate law firm that had a “no dress code” policy and all 400+ employees lived in these gym clothes. I have never gotten used to wearing work clothes ever again and STILL wear sneakers every single day with my work dresses and pants ha! Im so glad this style is trending and I hope it stays this way forever b/c I love it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and styles and letting us know we can be stylish even in yoga pants all year round ha!

  2. August 12, 2017 / 4:47 am

    Yes I like to wear athletic wear everywhere, it really feels very comfortable wearing gym wears everytime.

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