Insider Travel Intel: Louvre Museum In Abu Dhabi

Photo Credit: CNN.COM

The United Arab Emirates literally wants it all. Don’t you agree? Now they even have the Louvre – which would have been great to see 2 years ago when I traveled there. I guess now I have a reason to go back! ­čÖé The museum┬áhas been in the works for 10 years – and opened to the public on November 11th. So this is how it works, the Louvre Museum in Paris is said to have charged 525 million dollars to the government of Abu Dhabi to borrow the name for 30 years. So technically, this museum is not a franchise of the original parisian institution but it allows the government to borrow artwork from the Louvre and a few other French museums until they can create their own collection. I’m definitely intrigued to see this space – are any of you traveling to the UAE? Add this to your list, and let me know what you thought!


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