Insider Travel Intel: What’s the deal with Cuba? Can Americans still go?

I remember it like yesterday when Obama announced that Americans were now welcomed to travel to Cuba and how happy I was. Unfortunately, that excitement didn’t last since we now are back to having travel restrictions.  While “tourism” in Cuba is technically restricted by the embargo, Americans can still legally visit. What this means is that individual visits to Cuba will, for the most part, no longer be allowed. Visitors must be able to prove to the U.S. government’s satisfaction that their itinerary includes meaningful daily interaction with locals in an effort to directly bolster the Cuban economy through private companies, not through the Cuban military. The best way to ensure that is for you to stay away from government-owned hotels and restaurants by traveling with a tour guide. Individual travel to Cuba is allowed if you’re a Journalist ( bloggers would fall under that category) or for educational and religious activity but remember you will still have to prove to U.S Customs and Border Patrol that you had daily interactions with Cuban people which might be tricky without a tour guide so I highly recommend you avoid hotels and stay in “casa particulares” which are Airbnb style local rentals or travel with a tour guide! If you have any questions, leave me a comment below.



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