Hotel Highlight: The Lisboans

We found our home away from home in Lisbon. A pretty bold thing to say since Lisbon is def. buzzing in the travel industry with new developments and so many trendy hotels. However, The Lisboans was perfect for us because it made us feel like locals while not compromising our high standards in style and quality when choosing a hotel. Thomas and I literally said, “this apartment is what we would buy if we lived in Lisbon”.  The Lisboans mission is to inspire all their guest to slow travel, to take the clutter out of their travel days, and encourage you to just let go. If you don’t believe me, click here and read our interview with Isaac, one of the founders of the hotel.

This hotel was created with a bigger purpose and it’s evident from the minute you walk in the door. The apartments are meant to feel relaxed with upscale touches – no fuss, just a beautiful space you can call home. They even have a grocery with fresh local products including a wide wine selection from notable wine producers in Portugal.  Oh and for lunch or snack, ask them to make you a cheese and prosciutto sandwich – ahh! It was delicious – I’m still dreaming about it.

Things to know

What We Loved: Independently owned. The cute bag of breakfast that arrives every morning – by the time you check-in, you will find grocery items (cheese, ham, jam, yogurt, butter, milk, fruit, cereals, coffee, tea, sugar)  in your apartment’s fridge and pantry; at 8 am each day, fresh bread and orange juice will be dropped off for you. Lastly, we loved the bespoke map they give you when you arrive – it has all the points of interest and suggestions of their favorite restaurants.

Rooms: All the rooms are styled differently with a Portuguese touch  – giving you a very personalized feel of a home and not a hotel.  This boutique apartment building offers 15 units: 10 one-bedrooms and 5 two-bedrooms, split into three categories (Comfort, Superior, and Deluxe), and the Penthouse, a standalone one-bedroom apartment, and the only unit on the 5th floor.

Restaurant:  The interior design inspiration came from the restaurant’s, “Prado“, which means “Meadow”, and the whole design approach was based on a combination of nature-inspired elements, representing an eco-friendly way of life. Prado’s menu of dishes is based on ingredients that are 100% Portuguese, and a wine list where national winemakers will make for the majority of all wines offered. The restaurant is sophisticated but with a casual vibe. 

Location:  The Lisboans – Travessa do Almada, 9, Lisboa, 1100-018, Portugal ( located in the bohemian neighborhood of Baixa – central and within walking distance from key sights).

Suitable for: Slow-travelers, those who appreciate a local experience, art-lovers, creatives, and city-dwellers.


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