Bucket List Christmas Markets

The Christmas holiday season is one of my personal favorites because even at the age of 35, it makes me feel like a child all over again. Memories of my brothers and I decorating the tree with our family come to mind or watching Home Alone over and over again, and finally the many visits to the Christmas markets. We typically stayed in our neighbor which is considered Uptown Manhattan so we didn’t always make it down to Central Park or Bryant Park for the markets but we were just as happy visiting smaller versions in our humble neighborhood.  As I got older, I made sure to always visit, because the energy and the spirit of Christmas was always so alive during those moments. Last year, after visiting the Christmas market in Lake Como, I made a bucket list of the top markets in the world that I would want to visit in a lifetime. Check them out below and let me know if there’s any on your list!

Stuttgart, Germany 

Known to be one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful markets, this is on the top of my list! Germany has over 2,500 Christmas markets (crazy, right?) and this one is of the best.  This market has over 300 stalls and a full – schedule of concerts and performances, you might need more than one day to get through it.

Strasbourg, France

The Strasbourg Christmas market is known as the capital of Christmas and given the fairytale setting, I can totally see why.  Founded in 1570 and advertised as the oldest Christmas market in Europe, this one is a must! Geographically located right on the border of France and Germany, this makes it for an interesting mix of influence.

Zurich, Switzerland 

I’ll be crossing this off my list very soon! This year Thomas and I are spending Christmas in Switzerland and are SUPER excited to check out the markets. Switzerland has a ton of them all over the country but we will only have enough time to visit the market in Zurich – which is the largest indoor market in all of Europe. I’ll be documenting it all on Instagram so make sure you are following me!

Bologna, Italy 

Any excuse to get me back to one of my favorite countries!  Bologna is home to one of the oldest Christmas markets in Italy which are based in two locations. The Fiera di Natale market is based in the piazza in front of the 12th century San Pietro Cathedral, and the smaller Antica Fiera di Santa Lucia is situated in the cloisters of the church of Santa Maria dei Servi, where it has been based since 1796.


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