Escape: Zurich

As some of you may know, Thomas and I decided to switch up our Christmas tradition by being spontaneous and planning a trip to Switzerland! It’s no secret, that I love winter so when you throw in the holiday season into it…you get one VERY happy girl. ūüôā

We chose Switzerland because it’s the first place that came to mind when we think “winter wonderland”…all I could picture was us spending our holiday in a cozy environment that screamed “CHRISTMAS”. ¬†As soon as we booked our trip, we started planning the details and quickly realized that by the time we would arrive, the Christmas markets would be closed and so would be the most iconic restaurants and many other activities. ¬†Since we were limited during our time in Switzerland, we took the time to take it easy. We spent our days sleeping in and strolling the old-town area of Zurich. ¬†So while we did miss out on many activities because of the holiday, this also gave us a reason to fully rest and relax.

Here is a list of notable restaurants, cafes, and activities that are worth your time.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!


Baur Au Lac – Think The Plaza Hotel in NYC, this hotel is truly stunning and expensive but worth the splurge for a special occasion!

The Widder Hotel – Located in the old town of Zurich which is pretty perfect since you probably will be spending most of your time there. The Widder Hotel is more boutique and a mix of modern and rustic! It has excellent reviews on the service which is not surprising considering they are members of The Leading Hotels Of The World.

Atlantis by Giardano – ¬†Just outside of the city which gives it a luxury “retreat” feel, this hotel gives you the best of both worlds. Thomas and I stayed here and were very pleased with the service (for example, before the trip we had tried to make reservations for a restaurant on Christmas Eve that I really wanted us to try and they were completely booked but when we arrived at the hotel, the concierge had booked it for us and told us that he called the restaurant every single day to get us in….how awesome is that?!).

Onsite you also have two restaurants, one which is Michelin rated and apparently fantastic ( we didn’t get the chance to try it!) but we did sit at the bar of Hide¬†& Seek and had a fantastic burger with delicious cocktails! ¬†I do wish this property was a little closer to the city because taxis in Zurich are expensive. The hotel has a shuttle but it stops at 7 pm which is a bit early for us city dwellers.


Kronenhalle РMore than just a restaurant, this century-old restaurant serves its meals among art masterpieces. Fitting for those who appreciate old-world charm and nostalgia from a bygone era. Make reservations ahead of time and if they are completely booked, have a cocktail at the bar.

Cafe Odeon  РOpened since 1911, this cafe is legendary. I mean, Einstein was a regular here! Hello!  Before you head to the shops nearby, stop by for a coffee or come back for lunch and a drink.

Hide and Seek РInside the Atlantis Giardano Hotel and a few minutes outside of the city, this modern restaurant serves a European,  Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Milchbar – A local favorite in Zurich, stop by for a coffee or meal!

Spruengli – A world-renowned¬†dessert cafe and shop, be sure to stop by…after all, you are in Switzerland also known as the capital of delicious chocolates! ūüôā


Chocolate Tour with a local! 

Tea Time at Bar Au Lac

Stroll Old – Town for beautiful and charming architecture all along the lake.

Old Botanical Garden 

Shop till you drop – Switzerland has one of the most fabulous shopping districts in the world. ¬†I’ll warn you, it’s trouble because they have every luxury brand under the Sun!

Flea Market Burkliplatz – Not available during the Winter months but recommended a ton for unique fashion finds!


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