Escape: Lucerne


As soon as we booked our flights, we started planning what areas of Switzerland we were going to. Every travel feature we read or every person we asked always said, “you must visit Lucerne”. We naturally were so excited to see what all the buzz was about and from the minute we hopped off the train, we knew we would love it more than Zurich

Lucerne is in Central Switzerland, a region blessed with mountainous panorama and easy access to the most stunning ski regions in the world.  The city is beautiful and I would dare to say…very romantic. It’s filled with bridges, cobblestone streets and, cute cafes. At one point, Thomas and I looked at each other and said, we would so live here!  I seriously couldn’t get enough of it and regardless of how cold it was, walking around and taking it all in during such a festive season, was all I wanted to do.

If it’s your first time traveling to Switzerland, add this city to your itinerary – I promise you won’t regret it.


Grand Hotel National – A glamorous hotel right on the lake – a great choice for a fancy weekend and for those who want to have easy access to great restaurants, shopping, and sights.

Chateau Gutsch – This property has one of the best city views because it’s perched up high. This 19th-century castle is chic and luxurious, even if you don’t stay here, go check out, if only for the views.

Renaissance Lucerne Hotel – This would be an affordable option that also happens to be in a great location. You are in walking distance from the lake and all the shops.


Mill’Feuille – Great lunch (I had the burger), casual but trendy crowd. Also great for coffee and breakfast.

Pacifico – This Mexican spot was pumping! If you are looking to have spanish food with great music than this is your spot. Filled with locals but just so know that the prices are high. I would go here more for the ambiance – so maybe have a few appetizers with cocktails.

Anker  – Thomas and I enjoyed a great meal at this spot – I had mussels and they were delicious. The interior of the restaurant is also very pretty.

Dr. Oetker – This gem of a restaurant was great for breakfast. It seemed to have a very local crowd – we loved the food and service. If you don’t get there early, you may need to make reservations.

Chateu Gutsch – Definitely go here for cocktails because the city views are the best from the Terrace. Although this right in the city, the route is a little tricky. Make sure you tell the Uber to drop you off in front of the lift that takes you up to the Chateau. Once you get there, the ride up is just about a minute long! Enjoy. 🙂

Louis Bar and Hemingway Rum Lounge, Art Deco Hotel Montana – If you love upscale bars with a history than this is it. This bar servies over 130 scotch whiskies. The decor is also very “old-world” which I love.



Stroll, Stroll, Stroll – This city is perfect for leisure walks. Don’t miss walking the old-town and

Visit Mount Pilatus – This is a MUST! It sounds intense but so easy to get t0 – you basically take the 20-minute bus ride from the city center which leaves you right by where you have to take two aerial cable-carts (during the summer, you can ride the steepest cogwheel railway all the way up instead). The views are pretty incredible and if you aren’t traveling anywhere else in Switzerland than you might as well do this because it will be closest you can be to the mountainous without leaving the city.

Rosengart Collection Museum – If you are interested in Art, this museum has great collections including pieces from Picasso.

The Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge is a 14th-century wooden covered pedestrian bridge spanning the Reuss River in a sort of long, historic dogleg

The moving Lion Monument is a ten-meter long sculpture carved into the rock which commemorates the Swiss soldiers who died defending King Louis during the French Revolution.




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