The Realization I had While Traveling To Switzerland

I am a city girl and have always been. Most of the stereotypes about city girls on my end are true. I am 35 years old and don’t know how to drive, I walk everywhere (pretty much!) and growing up the closest to a backyard that we came to was either our fire escape or city parks.  I grew up in uptown Manhattan in a pre-war building but not like those lovely ones you see in the more affluent neighborhoods of NYC nevertheless, growing up in a city gave my brothers and I the best childhood memories.

As I grew up and discovered bigger cities across the pond, my love for cities only kept growing. How could you not love Paris or Barcelona? They are so grand and beautiful…with so much access to culture and anything, really!? Cities for me were the most desired places to live. Well, my freshman year in college I decided to take a spontaneous 2-week trip to Alaska with people I had never met before. It was my first time hiking more than the trails of Central Park!  After two weeks of hiking, walking on glaciers and camping…I realized that I had been missing out.

Fast forward to today, and it wasn’t until a recent trip to Switzerland that I fully realized that this city girl may have more room for nature than she thought. The overwhelming feeling of happiness that I felt when we arrived in Lauterbrunnen (stay tuned for this guide), was more than I had imagined. Before this trip, Thomas and I had already discussed that we would retire near the mountains but who wants to wait until retirement? No, we are not moving to a chalet near the Alps. 🙂 So, what’s the point of this post?  Well, the point is that just as expected things in life change as we get older and so does our travel goals.  Do you agree? At the age of 35, I no longer want all my travels to be in cities but more in nature because my soul is the happiest when the mountains are around me…inspiring me and reminding me that our Earth is magical.  For now, Thomas and I will embrace that and see where our travel journey takes us next…

So, tell me, what has been your travel journey? How has it changed throughout the years? Can’t wait to hear your story.

With Love,





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