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I realized that so much of the travel content I produce for you is guides and travel stories about where to go and what to do when you first arrive in a new country but I don’t really share tips on what you can wear!  Of course, I usually post items on The Vacation Shop page but I’m thinking it would be even better to make a monthly list of special pieces that are a MUST have during your travels.

So here we go with our first one! Let me know what you think and if you want to see more of this.


TSA Approved Beauty Products:

Patchology Fly Kit  – Because no one wants a dehydrated face and puffy eyes! Masks are a must when traveling.

Aesop Travel Kit – These perfectly branded travel kits are stocked up with all the beauty care you need for a trip.


Levi’s Denim –  A great pair of jeans that can take you from day to night in any city you are traveling to!

Madewell Oversized Shirt  –  I love these type of shirts because they are easy but can also be dressed up just incase you need to transition to night.

Beach Getaways:

Lack of Color Hats – You already know how obsessed I am with hats! I buy most of my hats from lack of color because their price point is lower than other brands. Check out the one I tagged for you. 🙂

Soludos – I bought a pair of Soludos shoes last year and they were SUPER comfortable! I walked all over Portugal with my pair and if you’ve been to Lisbon than we can all agree how hilly the entire city is so these are a must in my book!




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