I launched a curated shop of travel mementos from around the world!


Friends, it’s been a long time.  I took some much needed time away  to continue consulting (for those new around here – while blogging, I have consulting gigs in the creative space) and dig deeper into where I  want to head with the blog.  I’m now back with a little more wisdom and clarity about the future of Please, Do Tell.  Part of what has made this year so special is that it has given us the opportunity to question our purpose and the impact we desire to have in our professional and personal endeavors. I  definitely don’t have all the answers yet (still learning and growing) but what I do know is that I  want to do better and engage in meaningful and a deeper way of traveling. This is why I  decided to launch an online shop!

I  launched recuerdos, (In my native language, Spanish, recuerdos means “a souvenir, a memory, or memento“) an online curated culture shop for daily living. Inspired by my childhood memories of when traveling and learning about faraway places meant escaping through stories. Each product is intentionally selected to represent the culture and craftsmanship of a destination.

The truth is that we all can’t just pick up and travel all the time….but that shouldn’t  limit any of us from discovering a destination or learning about the culture of a place. Our goal is to scout and search every corner of this world to bring you products that lead with culture and immerse you in the stories of people and places from your favorite destinations and those you aspire to learn about.

It is no coincidence that this shop came into fruition during a time where the world is in need of empathy and connection. I’m a believer that traveling can bring us closer and make us better people. That it can help embrace our differences and unite us all at the same time. Please, Do Tell is not going anywhere – it will always have a place for deep travel conversations! In fact, we have some amazing interviews coming up that I  hope you find insightful and purposeful in your own travel journey.

Finally,  recuerdos is dedicated to each of YOU. I want to thank you for all of the support you have given me throughout the years. From my early days of blogging to now…each of you has inspired me to dig deeper into the world of travel and most importantly…to my dreams. I am beyond grateful and I truly can’t wait to bring you along for the ride!

Con Amor y Gratitud,


P.S. If you are looking for holiday gifts, we have the perfect stocking stuffers! Check out the shop here!



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