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Light The Way With Rose

        Morning is a special time of day for me. Yes, I am a morning person and love that I am. Hahaha. I mean, it can suck on certain occasions when I’m out late the night before…


Picking Up The Pieces: Jewelery Made From Bombs

      I know that I’m always excited to share conscious brands with you all but today I am SUPER excited!!!! The necklace I’m wearing on this shoot (and that I will be wearing with many more outfits) is made…


Cards Against Human (Trafficking)

I will start this post by saying that I’m not really great at buying cards for others. It’s not that I am not great at picking them but mostly that I just forget or get lazy. I mean I didn’t even send thank you cards after my wedding (yes, go ahead…judge me LOL). So what is so different about these cards to make me get so excited?


This Bag Has Served 185 Meals

Most girls I know love to treat themselves to a nice bag-and why not, right? Last week I treated myself to a special bag. Why is it special?


Charity Gala: Change for Kids

Last week Thomas and I had the opportunity to get all glammed up and attend our first charity gala! We had such a great time supporting this amazing cause. Change for Kids creates and funds elementary school programs in creative…


Almonds With Heart

  Today I am collaborating with Farm to Kids. Farm to Kids was created by a 5th generation farming family that grows almonds. They are a social‐good company that believes in providing a healthy, unprocessed, protein rich food source to children in…


Sharing is Caring: January

Hi Friends! I want to apologize for not posting much this past month.  I am in the middle of making some big changes to the blog but promise you are going to love all the new content coming to the blog…


For The Love of Elephants

Elephants are Going Extinct

For fifteen million years elephants have walked the Earth, but their numbers have been decreasing dramatically during the past couple of centuries. This fact isn’t just alarming, it is absolutely terrifying. Every fifteen minutes an elephant dies because of continuous ivory poaching. If we don’t act together on this problem now, there won’t be any elephants left by 2025.


Sharing Is Caring: December

Hi friends: Are you the type of person who wants to share all the cool places and ideas that you come across with family and friends? I am totally that person. There’re times I come across something really awesome that…