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Sharing is Caring: January

Hi Friends! I want to apologize for not posting much this past month.  I am in the middle of making some big changes to the blog but promise you are going to love all the new content coming to the blog…


For The Love of Elephants

Elephants are Going Extinct

For fifteen million years elephants have walked the Earth, but their numbers have been decreasing dramatically during the past couple of centuries. This fact isn’t just alarming, it is absolutely terrifying. Every fifteen minutes an elephant dies because of continuous ivory poaching. If we don’t act together on this problem now, there won’t be any elephants left by 2025.


Sharing Is Caring: December

Hi friends: Are you the type of person who wants to share all the cool places and ideas that you come across with family and friends? I am totally that person. There’re times I come across something really awesome that…


Gifts that Give Back: For Him

Generous & Practical: 5 Awesome Gifts He’ll Love   Finding the perfect gift for someone special is always challenging. I have several practical ideas I’m sure every man in your life would appreciate, but there’s something more to my list…


Holiday Gift Guide Series: Gifts for Her

This is my favorite time of year! I have rounded up a few of my favorite holiday gift items for your loved ones. There is no better time of year to show our family and friends how they can contribute…


Giving Tuesday 2015

Hi Friends! Today is “Giving Tuesday” and I know it can be overwhelming for everyone to research and try to find ways to help so I came up with a list of ideas just for you! 🙂 5 ways you…


Beauty That Does Good

Origins of Alaffia A fortunate moment that brought together Olowo-n’djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde is responsible for the foundation of this company. This amazing couple worked very long in order to find a solution for creating better conditions for…


The Coolest Sneakers

Veja, a brand that we can safely say is changing the way we think about sneakers, is a producer of high quality fair trade footwear and accessories made from organic materials. The company works closely with small producers in Brazil…


Every Drop Matters, Every Second Counts

We often forget that there are many people less fortunate than us. This isn’t something you need to feel guilty about – it’s in human nature to allow our minds to be preoccupied with everyday troubles like our jobs, home…