Our Philosophy

We travel for exploration, transformation and because we crave a connection to people and culture.  Our curiosity of the world and its people is the driving force behind our brand.  Our mission is to embrace the notion that travel is a state of mind and that with a curious mind and heart, we can experience it in our everyday lives.

 What We Do


Culture Experiences

Please, Check-In creates culture experiences in collaboration with hotels.  As local and global culture experts, we create authentic and luxury experiences that connect each traveler to a destination through art, food, and fashion. We do this by bringing together local creatives in various industries and creating one-of-a-kind immersive travel experiences with hotels. More than just a place for accommodation, we are working with hotels because they serve as a platform for the local and global community. We are passionate about creating travel moments that connect you to the world through intimate and genuine human connection, resulting in nostalgic memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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Please, Do Tell, is a place for those who want to live a life of curiosity and appreciation for local travel and lands far away.  Whether it is discovering the authentic pasta shop in your neighborhood, sharing travel stories from locals around the world, or curating travel guides and experiences,  Please, Do Tell, is a destination for anyone who has a genuine desire to make travel memories no matter where they are.


Our Founder, Lourdes

Lourdes is an International Affairs professional turned hospitality expert.  With a resume that includes an extensive career in human rights and travel, Lourdes brings global experience and curiosity that always keeps her wanting more from the places she visits and people she meets.  She currently works as a creative strategist and content creator for fashion/travel brands.