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Happy Saturday! Today I have the honor to share with you my most recent chat with a friend. Diana Heredia is the Director of Textile Development for Jason Wu. She is incredible woman who is career-driven and inspired daily by her family and friends. She is a go-getter and continuously looks for ways to challenge herself with projects, hobbies and new travel experiences. I hope the interview motivates you to push yourself harder to do what you love!

Need a little more inspiration? Well then head over to Diana’s blog at www.goodgirlgone.com

Job title:  Director of Textile Development for Jason Wu.
Job Duties: Manage the development of raw materials for 4 ready to wear collections per year.
What is a typical day look like? 
I don’t really have a set routine…it all really depends on what I have going on that specific day. But usually I have breakfast immediately after I wake up… that currently consists of dry raisin bran cereal with a side of unsweetened apple sauce and a shot of carrot juice to take my vitamins. I don’t generally workout in the mornings because I like to work out in the evenings or weekends. I don’t like to put time restraints on my fitness, but I’ll do something quick- like a few pull-ups. I don’t plan what I will wear until the morning which is a problem…{she laughs}. I make it look effortless but sometimes I try many outfits before I  head to work… at times it takes at least four tries! A good day at work is if I can leave by 7PM and my scale of how good or bad my day is based on how productive I was on that day- how many things got accomplished. In the evenings, I’ll attend salsa socials or have dinner with friends. If I have had a really stressful day I do a lot of sit ups when I get home. I consider that a little reward to myself!
Who/What inspires you? 
I am completely driven by experiences. Honestly, the notion of me wanting to do it all inspires me to push myself to not only do my daily job but to make sure I’ve nurtured myself in all aspects of my life. My inspiration is the freedom I have to just be… It’s very liberating.
What are your hobbies?
Reading, running, dancing salsa and listening to live music.  Oh, and if traveling is considered a hobby then that, too.   
3 words that describe you? 
Intuitive, spontaneous and honest.
Talk to me about your project/blog Good Girl Gone. 
Good Girl Gone (GGG) became a personal project- it sort of happened organically. I had this idea, I spoke to friends about it and they pushed me to formalize it. It became a creative playground/outlet for me and also a way for me to connect with others outside of my career. It has evolved from the initial idea I first had. I guess over time it has become a personal representation of who I am. In essence, a modern day story of a curious girl living in NYC. GGG has given validity to my visions and has provided a platform for my ideas to come to life. 
Do you have any mentors?
My mentors are my sisters and my friends because they are my sense of reality. I tend to live in a dreamy world. What I do for a living is a bit more superficial and for some it can be unrealistic. So while I stress at work because a button didn’t match, I have my sister who is in law enforcement and deals with the safety and well-being of human lives. It just put things into perspective. They keep me grounded.
Do you have any regrets?
No, I don’t have regrets. I feel blessed.
Has fear ever stopped you from achieving something?
It has made me hesitant, but it hasn’t stopped me. Even when I get anxious about something, I work through it. I always tell myself, “what is the worst that can happen.” 
Do you have a specific cause/philanthropy you advocate for and care about?
 I don’t have a specific one. I am passionate about many. An experience dear to me is giving back on Thanksgiving to a women’s homeless shelter in the Bronx. A few friends and I provide a home cook meal for them. I think service is important and I believe it’s our duty as citizens of this world to honor humanity in one way shape of form. It’s humbling to be able to give back once in a while. 
Can you tell me what challenges you think ambitious and career-driven women face today? 
The fear of settling and not doing something to your full potential.  My biggest challenge is myself. I set myself to a high standard. If my name is associated with something, I want it to be credible.
Favorite city in the world?
Depends on my mood. For my life…New York because it has a sense of legitimacy. I am of Dominican descent and I have a sense of culture here, this feels like home… the music, the food, the language. There is a freedom here that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. And of course, the industry I have dedicated my career to thrives here. Right now, this feels right. My new favorite place to unwind is Puerto Rico. It’s a blend between DR and Miami. I love the convenience of it. No passport required, no need to exchange currency, my cell phone still works, great weather… works for me!  
Favorite NYC Restaurant? 
The Greek restaurant Periyali.
Describe your fashion style: 
I feel like I have a bipolar sense of style! I have times that I dress for the mature “grown-up” version of me, but at times I tap into the younger, urban girl who grew up in Uptown Manhattan (Washington Heights). Both lifestyles flourish equally in my life. In three words: understated, relevant and androgynous.
Career wisdom for young professional women? 
Authenticity goes a long way and having a sense of self should always prevail. I will also say if you can find a career that compromises your personal life and you don’t mind it, then you know you are on the right track.
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