5 Reasons You Need a BKR Bottle!



Hi Friends!

Today I would like to introduce to you the cutest water bottle you will ever see…well, at least for now! 🙂 I am not exaggerating, it really is freaking adorable. This is why I think you should get one right now:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Yes, plastic is the devil so why not get a pretty bottle that can help the environment! These glass bottles are BPA free and phthalate free.

2. Beautifully Designed

I recently read an interview on Dwell.com where the CEO of BKR  (pronounced: beaker) spoke about the design of the water bottles and she couldn’t have said it any better. When asked about the design of the bottle, she said:

To quote Dostoevsky, “Beauty will save the world.” People will be willing to change their cultural values and habits for beautiful design. We created something artistic and functional so that design-minded people have an option that’s aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

I completely agree with her. I mean, let’s be honest for a sec…no one wants to walk around with an ugly water bottle just because it’s saving the environment! Hello! I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. Why not do both? Beautiful and environmentally conscious! 🙂

3. You can combat the global water crisis

Buying one glass bottle will definitely not end the global water crisis but some of the proceeds will help combat it and help in the fight against cancer. They have supported organizations like the Obakki Foundation, the Canary Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project.

4. Affordable

BKR bottles are only $30! That is pretty affordable considering that some of the proceeds will be going to the global water crisis and cancer.

5. Fashionable

The founders take cues from runway trends and release glass bottles every season with new colors and designs that are high-end and glam. These bottles are especially popular among A-list celebrities. Everyone from Zoe Saldana to Jessica Alba is loving these beautiful water bottles.  It’s truly a beauty essential! 🙂



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