More Lingerie, Please.

Hi Friends:

As promised, today we will talk lingerie!  Some say lingerie is a waste of money…but how could something silky and lacy be a waste? It’s about your personal style. I believe lingerie should be part of your daily wardrobe.  I’m not saying you should wear a garter everyday but replacing the old t-shirt you may sleep in might be nice {not judging, sometimes I still sleep with t-shirts..shhh}.  Anyways, I really do love how delicate and beautiful it all is-I dream of having not a drawer but a closet full of it.{I’m pretty sure I’ve written this to you guys} If you’re like me, you will love Journelle. It’s my favorite lingerie shop! It’s like no other in the city. I’ve been to several of their locations in NYC and not only do I get superb service but I never want to leave. It really just captures the “feel good” vibe that we ladies like when we walk into a store. I don’t know how to describe it really, take my word and go check it out! Oh, and for those looking for more than just La Perla slips-don’t you worry-Journelle carries beautiful everyday loungewear as well. After all, they have to live up to the name…. Journelle was inspired by the french word Journellement, which means “daily”. The staff at Journelle truly believes lingerie should be worn everyday. 🙂

Below are my faves for V-Day! 🙂 Don’t forget to check out their site:





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