Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company – A Business Built on Good Value


Jessica Alba launched The Honest Company some years back, and faced quite a few worried looks when she pitched her idea and asked for funding. In essence, the idea was a simple and morally correct one – creating, household, beauty and hygiene products using natural ingredients that don’t put anyone’s health at risk, and being incredibly open about what goes into the products.

A high level of transparency, going so far as to make even the containers transparent, combined with what seemed to be a genuine concern for the wellbeing and happiness of the consumers, and just a pinch of movie star charisma, have proven to be an incredibly potent recipe for success.

The Honest Company is now valued at around $1.7 billion, which just goes to show that putting the customer first and focusing on quality can actually work out quite well for entrepreneurs. So, what is this company all about, and why is there such a huge hype surrounding it?

The People in Charge Really Believe in What They Are Doing

The first thing you notice about this company is that it’s not just something a movie star invested in because it looked like a business venture that would make him or her even richer. Jessica Alba has been outspoken about her concerns that too many modern products are loaded with toxic chemicals. Ever since she launched the company she has worked hard on promoting a healthier lifestyle and urging people to pay more attention to what they put on and into their bodies and the bodies of their family. She is a mother of two, and her co founder Christopher Gavigan a father of three, so you know they are not just trying to use clever marketing ploys when they talk about raising healthy and strong children, and protecting your family.

The Company’s Inspiring Mission Statement and Philanthropic Work

The easiest way to know for sure whether a company is just jumping on the latest bandwagon and pulling your heartstrings with one hand while the other reaches for the wallet, or if they truly want to make a difference and give back to the community is to pay attention to their charity work. Those that talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk will make some donations here and there, but the true philanthropists with good moral values will constantly strive to make a difference. The Honest Company invests a portion of the proceeds from every purchase into helping the community in several different ways:

  • Putting healthy food choices in schools
  • Educating people on proper nutrition
  • Funding research and training that ensures the health of developing infants up to the age of three
  • Putting safer cleaning products in schools
  • Funding the education of ambitious young minds

This company’s mission is to ensure the proper development of babies and young children, help improve the health and wellbeing of growing bodies and ensuring that the new generations get the support they need to grow into productive members of society. These are goals that everyone can get behind.

Elegant Design and High Quality Standards

Even if we ignore Miss Alba’s movie star fame, the transparent approach and their philosophy and philanthropic approach, the products can speak for themselves. The containers are simple and elegant, featuring transparent packaging with a detailed ingredients list and calming colors. Putting natural ingredients and carefully avoiding potentially dangerous chemicals isn’t just a neat marketing gimmick – as hundreds of positive reviews, and customers raving about the products on social media can attest to, their stuff really works.

Not only do the products work as advertised, but they are offered in creative little bundles and the customers can sign up to receive monthly packages. This hassle free online shopping model, combined with clearly visible results are the things that made The Honest Company so successful.

They don’t offer products, they offer a lifestyle

When all’s said and done, we come to the very essence of the matter – these people offer a lifestyle and a better future, not mere products. This kind of talk alienates some people who’ve become jaded from years of being exposed to companies that try to paint a pretty picture while making some incredibly shade moves under everyone’s noses, but there are still plenty of good people in the world. Companies like these are run by such people, and if more passionate entrepreneurs followed in their footsteps this would be a much better world to live in.

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