Sharing Is Caring: December

Hi friends:

Are you the type of person who wants to share all the cool places and ideas that you come across with family and friends? I am totally that person. There’re times I come across something really awesome that fills me with so much excitement that I immediately want to share it with my besties but in real life no one has that kind of time. So, I have decided to post a monthly newsletter to share with you all the things that I am currently obsessed with. These are not necessarily socially conscious companies that give back but they do make my life easier. I also feel like it will give you an opportunity to get to know me a little better. So enjoy and don’t forget to share your faves with me as well! J

  • Mamman Nyc is my new favorite coffee shop! It’s adorable and even serves brunch and cocktails! Can’t speak for how yummy the cocktails are but I will tell you that my matcha latte was delish!! You must check it out if you are either strolling around Soho or Tribeca ( they have two locations in nyc). Invite me if you make plans to go. J
  • Anyone doing classpass? My husband and I signed up and we are hooked!! Not only is it such a good deal but it provides access to so many top-notch studios in the city. My favorite studios so far are BFX, Flywheel, Title Boxing and Exhale. 
  • Sweetgreen-let’s just say I walked in the rain for 15 min to get salad this week. Actually I went 3x this week. (may I add that I have a Chopt’ salad bar across the street from my job). But I LOVEEEE Sweetgreens!! Let me tell you why they are the best (sorry Chopt’ and Just Salad).     
    •    Sweetgreen is a bit more sustainably focused: they use 100% compostable eco-friendly packaging, strive to have a low footprint and even use solar panels and wind energy to power the restaurants.  
    •  They feature a different salad every month.
    • They give back. This past summer they had a campaign called. “wasted” which raised awareness on all the food we wast. I previously wrote an article about it. Check it out!        
  • Slow Cooker-I am hooked on this cooking appliance. I have very little time to get everything I need to get done during the day so I cut corners wherever I can. On Sunday night my husband and I went to yoga and came home to a cooked meal all because of the slow cooker! It’s making my life so much easier. I bought mine at bed, bath and beyond for $50 bucks! 
  • Have you heard of Vive? It’s a service for unlimited blowouts. Yes, you read that correctly….UNLIMITED! I don’t remember the last time I washed my own hair-it’s pretty amazing. Check them out here.



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