Sharing is Caring: January

Hi Friends!

I want to apologize for not posting much this past month.  I am in the middle of making some big changes to the blog but promise you are going to love all the new content coming to the blog this year. Super excited to continue working on my vision and bringing to you the amazing stories behind for purpose- brands.

Anyways, like I mentioned last month, in the hopes to continue sharing with you all the things that make me happy and life easier-let me give you a rundown of my list for January!

  1. By Chloe and The Butcher’s Daughter: Both restaurants give Vegan food a whole new meaning-go and you will see what I mean {FYI-I’m not Vegan but I have a dairy allergy}. I have been to By Chloe more often because the location is more convenient for me but The Butcher’s Daughter is pretty amazing too. And if you are looking for healthy sweets-By Chloe has yummy baked goods-I mean who would of thought that a vegan chocolate chip cookie could be that damn good! Ugh! Delish!
  2. Vitamix-Ladies and Gentleman, I have been obsessing over this appliance for who knows how long (like probably more than 5 years, seriously.) and I am so happy to say that we finally bought it!!!! Ahhhh. For those of you reading this that have no clue what I am talking about-do yourself a favor and google it. It does it ALL. I can make hot soup in it…sauces, hemp milk etc. I am totally obsessed. I mean it’s totally pricey but it’s an investment and comes with a 7 year warranty. Also we used our wedding gift cards and Amex points to pay for most of it. I don’t want you thinking that I just casually went into Williams and Sonoma and bought a $700 blender. This was a well thought out purchase but one that makes me so happy and that will FOR SURE make my life easier.
  3. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes: If you are a New Yorker then you can all agree that we hate riding the subway during rush hour or probably just at any hour?! For the past 3 weeks instead of looking stressed out and having a grumpy face during my morning commute I now laugh and smile…and I have Shonda to thank for that. I am in love with this book. Every sentence is hilarious…she is so real and funny-I just love it! Plus her advice is so relatable-she totally made my #girlcrush list!
  4. Cricket Circle: Okay, so I don’t have babies and I am not pregnant but I have this “thing” for blogs about moms and babies. I can’t really explain it (feel free to laugh at me…lol) but two of my fave sites are Cricket Circle and Elizabeth Street. Cricket Circle is pretty awesome-it features famous mommas that keep it real when it comes to raising kids. It also just gives you all this cool advice on products etc.  Again, don’t ask me why I love reading baby blogs so much but I enjoy it and wanted to share. J
  5. Panama: I just had the pleasure to attend my friends beautiful wedding in Panama City. The group spend four days in the city and after the wedding festivities, we flew to an island called Bocas del Toro. Panama was never on my short list of travels so when they chose Panama for their nuptials I was excited to have a great reason to go! J . Panama city is vibrant with so many new developments but also has an old area called Casco Viejo which was my favorite. Bocas del Toro was awesome! If you’re the kind of person that appreciates off the radar spots and chill vibes then this island is for you. And when I say off the radar…I am not exaggerating. We took a plane, a van and boat to arrive to our villa. But in the end it was all worth it. 🙂

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