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You Are Not The Boss Of V

When Trump’s global plan to ban abortion funding was released, I nearly cried of anger. Where and how did we get here?! As you already know, I created this blog to share all the things I love and advocate for. Real life is certainly not all pretty pictures and I’m a big believer that we all have a duty to do what we can in whatever role we are in.

I was particularly devastated with Trump’s new policy because years ago, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Uganda with a group of undergraduate, medical and public health students to learn more about the health barriers of the country. During the time we were there, we also conducted health related strategies that would improve the lives of the people. I saw first hand the impact a small NGO, with hardly any funds, could have in a country.  So cutting funding from non-profit organizations that give women the option to receive an abortion is complete madness. Some of the women that these non-profit organizations assist have HIV/AIDS which makes pregnancy complicated or risky and according to Human Rights Watch studies estimate that anywhere btw 8% to 18% of women die of unsafe abortions. Not giving women the right to choose what is best for their body and life will only make matters worse. If you live in the US then you may think it doesn’t apply to you right now but that can change soon.

Okay so what does the GLOBAL GAG RULE really mean?

It means millions of women abroad won’t have control of their uterus. Got it?!

What can YOU do:

Educate yourself.


Shop responsibly.

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