I Am A Repeat Offender

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to discuss a topic I’ve always wanted to talk about – the deal with wearing an outfit more than once….or twice…or five times. Yes, I’m a big repeat offender and always will be (I’m sure my loyal followers already knew this…lol) . I am the girl who wears the same jeans back to back or the same loafers all week! haha. We live in a culture where people don’t like wearing things twice ( or 5x) and it really confuses me. As a lifestyle blogger, I get new products to try out or wear all the time but I always go back to my staples. I do want to admit that I have a ton of clothes I have yet to wear more than a handful of times (I need to work on that!) but for the most part, I wear my denim and shoes over and over again. If you’re going to invest in your clothing then why not wear it a millions times over? What’s the point of spending all this money if you’re only wearing it once or twice? I admit that as an influencer, it can difficult to repeat outfits because influencers want to show you the latest trends etc. but in my case, I try to do my best to relate it back to real life because no one I know can shop new items every week! Right?! I hope this post was helpful – I love hearing your thoughts, please make sure to leave me a comment below! 🙂

Here I’m wearing the same booties in two different shoots:

Here I’m wearing the same denim:


Style A White Blazer

Here I’m wearing the same beige booties:





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  1. Samapti Taylor
    June 29, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    I totally love this post cuz it’s just so real! I have tons of clothes and wear the same stuff all the time. I think showing how to repeat items into diff styles is something you can discuss in another post but thats why I like your style! stylish, comfy and you can mix and match!

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