Tell us a little about yourself – how long have you lived in Nashville and what do you do for a living?

Hi guys! I moved to Nashville from New York City in February of 2016, so I just had my 2 year anniversary. I initially came out here to open a restaurant called SALT & VINE. Beyond that, I own a Social Media and PR company (Hannah Schneider Creative). We have offices in both NYC and Nashville now, and we specialize in public relations campaigns and social media content creation and management for hospitality, travel and lifestyle clients!

What brought you to Nashville and what keeps you?

I came out for one year to partner in a restaurant opening, I had every intention of going straight back to New York. I fell in love with the city so I decided to open an office here as well. Now, I split my time traveling to New York as needed. Nashville has been such an incredibly welcoming community and it’s growing quickly. It’s super exciting to be part of the city’s growth – you can feel the energy as soon as you land at BNA!

If we had one day in Nashville, where would you take us for breakfast, coffee, and dinner?

For a quick breakfast, I would take you to Red Bicycle coffee shop, they have the BEST egg sandwiches in town. If I have time to actually sit (which I rarely do) I love Cafe Roze in East Nashville, for lunch we’re hitting up my restaurant for an incredible salad or meat/cheese plate and for dinner I’d say Rolf & Daughters or Lockeland Table, after we are getting drinks at Walden and then ending the night at my favorite neighborhood bar, Crying Wolf. Oh, coffee? Barista Parlor iced almond milk latte.

What are your favorite shopping gems?

Nashville has some really cool vintage shops and a few areas with tons of locally owned spots. My favorite right now is definitely the Shoppes on Fatherland, my best friend owns a boutique called Pom Pom and there’s other great shopping for both men and women like Whiskey Water and Wheat & Co.

What’s your go-to drinking spot?

This is so hard, Nashville has so many great new places. I love Nicky’s Coal Fired and L27 at The Westin Nashville!

Where do you go to unwind?

I know this sounds weird, but because I work so closely with restaurants so I can’t really unwind while I am out. I’d honestly say at home or the restaurant I live above Peninsula. I can go alone and sit at the bar, the owner Craig is always there and knows exactly what I want – it’s definitely a place I can put my phone down and just relax which I love.

When you travel, are you into mountains, beaches or cities?

I think I am going to go Beach here – I am in desperate need for some sun!!

Describe Nashville in three words.

Exciting, Encouraging, Simple (so much easier than NYC let’s be honest).

Does living there inspire you?

And if so, how? Absolutely and I think I have to equate that to the incredible friends I have made here. It’s like I have built an entirely new community as an adult, which I know can typically be hard in most cities. I’ve met women and men from all walks of life that have encouraged my business endeavors, friends who have become like family and I can’t imagine leaving!

What are some under the radar must – do recommendations for a visitor?

Shelby Park in East Nashville is one of my favorite places that won’t be on every “list” you find about Nashville travel. It’s so nice coming from a Shelby Park in East Nashville is one of my favorite places that won’t be on every “list” you find about Nashville travel. It’s so nice coming from a bit city to see trees and water, people outside exercising or walking their dogs. It’s just peaceful and a definite must. If you want food/drink I have five hundred recommendations – email me directly and I’ll send you a list! 🙂 Oh, Mexican Food off Nolensville, they have the best food trucks.