The Most Enchanting Spot In NYC Is A Guild



If you live in New York City then you might have already heard of it. Both architect (and couple) Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch opened a guild in Soho and I’ve been obsessing over it for months. I practically live there.  Not only is the space a labor of love for all things beautiful and meaningful but also pays homage to global artisans whose pieces are displayed all over the shop. Roman and Williams Guild (shop named after their grandfathers) combines my love for flowers, food and one of a kind home furnishings from plates, vases to sofas that can only be found here. It’s been so hard to find retail spaces that move you and bring a sense of fresh air with its creativity…everything is just about the “Instagram” and about the “it spot” – which in all honesty is how I found it to begin with!  And it has definitely appeared on my Instagram a handful of times, however, my experience inspired me to ask questions and read more about it. I hope it inspires you to do the same. Part of why I love to research places for you is to make sure your interactions with where you eat, shop or travel to is worthwhile. This is one of those places created to show us that in a world consumed with what will go viral on social media, thoughtfully created spaces can still exist.

So after coming here a few times with friends for breakfast or lunch, I finally decided to shop! Just to warn you, the prices range very high so I could barely afford anything haha! I ended up with a beautiful wine/water decanter made by Jan Barboglio in Mexico City and designed with an old-world warmth to it.  Can’t wait to use it in our new place – I will share pictures of it very soon. 🙂

If you have the chance to visit Manhattan, then I encourage you to walk in and stay for awhile…you will want to take a million photos but for your first visit..maybe just take it all in and forget the phone. xoxo



Location: Roman and Williams Guild New York  53 Howard Street, New York, New York

Photography by: Paige Campbell Linden



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  1. April 20, 2018 / 11:11 am

    Beautiful! Will definitely check out. Thank you for the post.

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