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Founded by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir, Lush has a long and storied history of trying to hit the market with unique handmade and natural cosmetics. After their campaign succeeded and they raised awareness of the benefits of using organic products, Lush started various charity campaigns and isn’t planning on stopping.

Their cosmetics include lotions, soaps, shower gels, shampoos, cleansers, moisturizer, etc. All of these products are perfect for every skin type, and because of their natural formula they are perfectly healthy for you. All the ingredients used come from organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils, and safe synthetic compounds. Moreover, Lush makes makeup and perfumes, which are made according to the highest standards, and they make it a point to ensure customers that none of their products were tested on animals, and that all of the products are made from organic ingredients.

These healthy and luxurious products are famous all over the world, however, Lush is not only famous for their organic products, but also because they believe in protecting people, animals and the planet.

Charity pots changing the world

Lush came up with Charity Pots in 2007, and decided that 100% of the each purchase would go towards funding one mission. These missions include supporting animal and human rights, as well as various save the planet causes from all over the world. Their hand and body lotions have a picture on the packaging, with the description of their mission. This way you know exactly where your money goes and what cause it supports.

Saving the environment and protecting the planet

Many solid products, such as massage bars are sold “naked”, which means without being wrapped and without any packaging at all. This way, they decrease the amount of materials sent to landfills, and if the packaging is needed, they use recycled materials, as their aim is to raise the awareness of using biodegradable, recyclable and compostable materials. They are trying to encourage customers and other companies to stop using plastic bags and start caring about the planet we live on that we depend on for resources.

Fighting animal testing

Long before Lush was even formed, the founders were fighting for animal rights and fighting to stop people testing products on animals in labs. Today, they are buying raw materials and ingredients that weren’t tested on animals, and, as they always say, they are encouraging others to purchase from these suppliers, because the first step to stopping the immoral and inhuman testing is preventing the cash flow to those companies.

Lush is one of the rare companies that are making organic products to keep its customers healthy and happy, and, at the same time, supporting many causes in order to make our world a better place. They have been involved in many charities, projects and causes, which is the reason people find Lush inspirational and see them as a family, one which shares love all around the world.

Written by: Vladimir Zivanovic




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