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Sweetgreen started a campaign this summer called  “Get Wasted”, which raises awareness about how much healthy food we waste every day. The goal is to stop people from wasting nutritious and healthy parts of vegetables and actually use them in meals.

Founded in 2007, they have been fighting for healthy and organic diet, and with their dishes they have been contributing this cause for years. Not only are their organic ingredients are carefully chosen from local farmers but their core values include thinking sustainably, which encourages other people to become more aware of our environment and its needs.

Are you aware how much food you throw out?

Every year, a great amount of food ends up in the dumpster, and we don’t think for a second about how much food we are wasting, and how much money we are throwing out. As Dan Baber says: “our culture wastes, because we can afford to waste.” But, is it really a good choice? What are we achieving by that?

Dan Barber’s wastED salad that will change the way you think

Chef Dan Barber put all food waste in one bowl and surprised a lot of people. The wastED salad has become popular all around the world, and more and more people are supporting the cause via social media. This salad will be available on all Sweetgreen’s locations-go try it out!

This salad contains: carrot ribbons, broccoli leaf, romaine heart, roasted kale stems, roasted broccoli stalks and cabbage cores, roasted bread butts, arugula, shaved parmesan, spicy sunflower seeds and pesto vinaigrette. Inspired by Blue Hill Chef Dan Barber’s wastED campaign, Sweetgreen recognized the need to take some further steps and encourage people to become aware of their environment and food they’re wasting on a daily basis.

Make an impact and make a change

People need to finally realize that their opinion and decisions do change the world and influence our community. Think of what you include in your diet every day, and see if it is really as healthy as everything that our agriculture offers.

“The choices we make every day about what we eat, where it comes from, and how it was raised have powerful consequences on the health of individuals, communities and the planet.” – Sweetgreen


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