Your Coffee Can Make a Difference

The number one beverage in the world is certainly coffee, with over 400 billion cups consumed each year in different parts of the world. Having this in mind, it’s no surprise why certain organizations are trying to use coffee as a beverage that can change the world. Think about that when you start enjoying your next cup of coffee.

  1. Intelligentsia Coffee – Helping the farmers create a remarkable taste

The growth and the production of the coffee demands the proper environmental conditions, but most of the time, countries that have these exceptional conditions couldn’t reach the full potential of making remarkable tasting coffee. The reasons for this issue are usually insufficient funds for quality operations, inappropriate infrastructure or not enough technical knowledge. In order to help coffee farmers, Intelligentsia Coffee is working directly with them to provide all the necessary conditions for the production of remarkable coffee. The professionals visit the farm before the harvest in order to set up a strategy, during the harvest to monitor the operation, as well as after the harvest to summarize the outcome and celebrate the success. Personal engagement is stressed as a priority in each of these countries. Not only does the production quality improve, but with direct trade the economy in the region experiences a significant improvement as well.

  1. Laughing Man – when dreams become reality

It can be said that Australians are more than just coffee aficionados. They describe themselves as coffee snobs, and whenever they’re outside of Australia, they try to find the perfect place for their favorite flat white. Being an Australian, famous movie star Hugh Jackman truly understands the importance of exceptional coffee. As an Ambassador of World Vision Australia, he started the project, or rather foundation, called Laughing Man. Back in 1999 he travelled to Ethiopia where he met Dukale, a coffee farmer who was trying to lift his family out of poverty. His story inspired Hugh Jackman who launched Laughing Man Coffee. This project provides the necessary marketplace for coffee farmers in developing countries, and enables them to sell their products to US consumers. The Laughing Man foundation supports educational programs, the growth of entrepreneurship and small business projects, as well as community development across the globe. If you would like to learn more about this amazing partnership, please watch Dukale’s Dream, a story about new friendship and giving back.

  1. TOMS Roasting Co. – a coffee that provides water

Most of TOMS One to One products are mainly focused on aid. In order to enhance the economic development and help create jobs in the communities of countries in development, TOMS started making a clear strategy. The first thing that can be seen, as a part of the economic process, is the coffee farming. They realized that the best way to help the economies of these countries is direct trade and ensuring farmers that they will receive the best price for their goods. Moreover, the farmers can be introduced to new agricultural techniques in order to produce higher yields and reach their full potential. Since many of the countries that produce coffee don’t have enough sources of safe and clear water, TOMS started investing in water systems, which are making a great impact on the community. For every bag of TOMS coffee purchased, one week of clean water can be provided for a person in need. There are numerous TOMS Roasting Co. cafés across USA and you can even order the monthly shipments of coffee from different parts of the world, where TOMS do business. So far, TOMS has been implementing water systems in Malawi, Rwanda, Honduras, Guatemala and Peru.

Written by: Vladimir Zivanovic


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