Stella McCartney: Fashion Leader and Activist


Creating a role model for young women to be inspired with is a great responsibility. That kind of exposure needs to be taken seriously – as a trendsetter, it’s necessary to set the right standards and fight for noble causes. Of course, you need to look stylish while doing it.

This level of multitasking is hard to achieve, but women worldwide should look up to Stella McCartney, an experienced designer that doesn’t have problems with inspiration when it comes to creating brilliant new collections, while she fights for the environment. So, how does she manage to achieve all of this simultaneously?

Expressive, Feminine & Natural

A lot of artists seek for some sort of divine inspiration to move them and help with their artwork. If you’d ask Stella, she’d tell you that the most important things that should serve as the greatest source of motivation can be found in the smallest everyday moments.

Things that make us happy day after day are often those which we take so lightly. A modern women, according to Stella, needs to be natural, first and foremost. When you get in touch with your true nature, you’ll have no problem drawing confidence from that inexhaustible source. Getting to know your real self isn’t an easy journey, but once you find out everything there is to know, your soft femininity and subtle sex appeal will come to the surface.

This kind of newfound reliability will help you grow into a strong powerful women, with strictly defined priorities, spontaneous hunger for hedonism and a positive mentality.

It’s about Being Fashionably Mindful

When you get to know your true self, then and only then will you be able to experience everything around you in the right way. This is the only world we have – it’s filled with amazing wonders, tiny and huge, and we shouldn’t let our hectic lives prevent us from seeing that.

However, now is the time to protect it. Being a lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney and her fashion house strongly advocate against environmental pollution and take a stand for animal protection. During her years in the fashion industry, she worked with many different organizations like Peta, Animals Asia, Million Trees Miami and Meat Free Monday, but also with Women’s Cancer Research Fund, War Child and the Kering Foundation.

Like her fragrance, Stella’s design pieces are so much more than just clothes and accessories. Considering the fact she was brought up on the English countryside, her memories are rather simple, but strong and powerful at the same time. Each new collection of handbags she releases reaches a new level of practicality and elegance. The amount of attention she dedicates to details is quite impressive – everything from materials to stitching is combined together to represent a sort of balance between femininity and a strong fashion statement.

Once you go “au naturale”, there’s no going back. With Stella, her fashion house, her designs and her attitude, you’ll be able to achieve a high level of style and a firm system of healthy priorities – it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


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