Every Drop Matters, Every Second Counts

We often forget that there are many people less fortunate than us. This isn’t something you need to feel guilty about – it’s in human nature to allow our minds to be preoccupied with everyday troubles like our jobs, home chores and our social life. However, some global issues can’t wait for us to have time but instead need to be dealt with right now. Let me tell you how this watch (yes, watch…as in the thing you wear around your wrist that tells the time) is saving lives!!

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Fight for Basic Humans Rights

Just try to imagine how you would feel if you were thirsty all the time and you couldn’t take a refreshing shower or pour yourself a cup of delicious coffee. It’s even hard to imagine, isn’t it? Well, developing countries deal with such problems on daily basis – every day mothers send their thirsty children to schools that don’t have safe drinking water. Water is a basic human right, and not a single being on our planet should be left without it.

Running Out of Time & Water

Unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are the cause of over 90% of the 30,000 deaths that happen every week – and that number only covers children under the age of five. If we act on this horrifying fact and help distribute clean water and improve hygiene conditions, together we can prevent over 3.6% of the world’s disease problem.

Potters for Peace

Side by side with NGO, RDIC.org, Local Cambodian Ceramic Factory and Reputable Chinese Manufacturers through Alibaba, TUK wants to put an end to this. A brilliant solution that’s beneficial in many different areas has appeared – according to a UNICEF study in Cambodia, ceramic filters made for pots are light, relatively inexpensive, easily portable, chemical free and highly efficient.

For $15 we have managed to fit in a ceramic filter, 11 liter filter pot, 35 liter water storage and a cleaning kit. The whole pot and everything included can last up to around 5 years, and filters should be changed after up to two years. The pots are manufactured locally, so the Cambodians themselves are working on their production – Marc Hall is the one responsible for providing safe working conditions, great pay and health benefits for his employees.



Sophistication, Simplified

Did you know that TUK is actually a Cambodian world for water? Our story actually begins with Kelsey Braun who founded TUK Watches with Shelby Bissen in 2015. After spending time in developing countries, she personally experienced what it’s like to be out of drinking water. This experience changed her and allowed her to get a better perspective on life.

After she met Shelby Bissan, they found a way to bring a sense of urgency closer to the minds of people in first world countries. By creating a simple, but sophisticated watch design, made out of leather bands and stainless steel clasps, the TUK team combined serious global problems with fashion – because every second counts.

Join their cause on Kickstarter from October 15th to November 24th and help them collect $22,000, so they can run their first production. Help make the world a better place.

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