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Veja, a brand that we can safely say is changing the way we think about sneakers, is a producer of high quality fair trade footwear and accessories made from organic materials. The company works closely with small producers in Brazil and France, so that it can have full control over the materials being used in the production process.

In 2004, founders Sébastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion built a successful brand, while at the same time raising awareness of the importance of using ecological materials, and inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same. Simple, sophisticated and at the same time sporty, these sneakers are something special indeed.

  1. Simple, minimalist design

When buying footwear, bags and wallets, the first thing we look at are the aesthetics. The bag and sneakers have to match our overall style and suit our fashion sense. The Veja brand provides us with a minimalistic design that is suitable for every style, and will meet the standards of even the pickiest fashionista.

  1. Organic cotton

Veja is famous for purchasing cotton from 320 small producers who grow cotton under agro-ecology principles. These producers are actually families of small-scale farmers that have around 1 hectare of land on average. Together they form ADEC, the Association of Growers in Northeast Brazil. All of Veja’s cotton sneakers and accessories are made of organic cotton, which is free of agrichemicals and pesticides.

  1. Rubber from the Amazon

As the Amazon is the only place in the world where rubber trees grow in the wild, and Veja uses that rubber to make high quality soles for their sneakers. They work with 60 families of Seringueiros, or rubber tappers. They use a process called FDL (Folha Desfumada Liquida, i.e. Liquid Smoked Sheet), which enables them to transform latex into rubber sheets. This process is brilliant and eco-friendly, as there is no additional industrial processing involved.

  1. Ecological Leather

The most fascinating thing about Veja products made of leather, is that the brand has control over the entire leather supply chain. Moreover, what many people don’t know is that they tan their leather with vegetable oils extracted from the Acacia tree. Heavy metals are usually used in the tanning process, but Veja has taken care of our planet by using only chromium, which drastically decreases water pollution.


  1. Veja takes care of our environment

The key priority of Veja is to reduce CO2. All of their products are transported by boat in order to decrease emissions and energy use.Also, they use recycled and recyclable cardboard when making packaging.



  1. Any outfit, any occasion

There are so many different options to choose from that you won’t know which pair to buy first. Simple and minimalistic, but still different from anything else you have worn before. While the sneakers are not meant for black tie events, they are a perfect casual wear item for virtually any other occasion.

  1. Quality for the whole family

High quality, comfortable and beautifully designed, these sneakers are a great choice for the whole family. Except for the men’s and women’s wear models, they also come in children’s sizes. If you still have no idea what to buy your kids for Christmas, maybe it’s time to think about a nice pair of eco-friendly sneakers.

  1.  Beautifully Crafted Models

Veja’s products are crafted in factories in Rio Grande Do Soul, Brazil. What makes the factories special are the workers who constantly strive to improve the manufacturing process. The company takes good care of the workers, and provides them with various perks and good salaries. Products are made well only when they are made by happy workers.



  1. No advertising

This is one of the rare brands that doesn’t advertise its products, but uses the extra money to perfect their production chain. There is certainly competition, but Veja believes in people who will actually read something about the products before they buy them. When looking at products on their website, you get detailed information about each model. With just one click , you will get an extensive description of a product, including the organizations and designers involved in launching it.

  1. Reflection of a style and attitude

Wearing Veja products is certainly a matter of both style and attitude. Knowing all the materials, and where they came from, allows you to make an informed decision. If you are concerned with reducing pollution and saving our planet, you will certainly love this brand.

The point isn’t to stop buying quality products, but to focus on brands which that offer high quality, while being sustainable. This way we can raise awareness, and make other brands turn to more eco-friendly and sustainable methods, while looking good and feeling comfortable at the same time.



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    November 10, 2015 / 8:31 am

    Nice! Where can you buy them?

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