Beauty That Does Good

Origins of Alaffia

A fortunate moment that brought together Olowo-n’djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde is responsible for the foundation of this company. This amazing couple worked very long in order to find a solution for creating better conditions for families in Togo.

After some time, they came up with a simple, but brilliant idea – why not use Africa’s natural gifts, share them with the rest of the world and help improve the living conditions for the citizens of Togo and beyond.

Thanks to a bit of help and support, they came up with five nurturing collections for skin and hair care. What makes these collections so unique is their coconut and shea based formulas that emphasize natural beauty and help you maintain it.

But that’s not all this couple is working on. Alaffia is so much more than another business that sells beauty products – what makes them different is their company’s policy and the principles that both of them care deeply about.

Fair Trade Policy

For starters, they respect the Fair Trade movement that enables economically disadvantaged countries to receive a greater percentage of the price which is paid by consumers. Thanks to their policy, developing countries and their citizens can improve the conditions regarding basic human rights and finally put an end to some quite serious issues, such as child labor.

Help for Mothers

Did you know that each year of 160,000 women die due to labor complications in West Africa alone? The most powerful factor for this terrible fact is poverty, and others such as inadequate infrastructure only contribute to it.

Alaffia’s Maternal Health Project is working hard to lower and eventually eliminate these rates. Up until now, they have managed to pay for over 3,500 childbirths and still working to increase those numbers.

Empowerment Project

With money that comes from their skin and hair care collection, this generous couple is doing their best to improve living conditions in Togo, but primarily in the social and educational fields. Their company hires locals, pays for their health insurance and helps them raise their family.

That kind of empowerment to each and every individual they get in touch with makes a difference with a variety issues, like gender equality. With the rest of the money at their disposal, Alaffia is also contributing to youth educational projects.

Olowo-n’djo and Prairie have made it as easy as possible for us to help them with their cause. By getting one of their natural skin or hair care products, you’ll have a positive impact on someone’s life. You can order their products online or stop by Fairway!


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