The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Lourdes Martin features Father's Day Gifts
IMG_6797Lourdes Martin featuring socks and chocolate for father's day
 Featuring a shaving set and chocolate for father's day
I can’t believe Father’s Day is just around the corner? Time seriously needs to slow down…sheesh! I’m not sure about you guys but my papa is super low maintenance and is happy with whatever I give him! Well, unless you are talking bicycles or anything in the world of cycling where he tends to get too fancy and technical so I stay out of it! Him and my brother share a love for cycling so I leave it up to my brother to get any gadgets he might need in that department. 🙂
So when scouting gifts for father’s day-I went for a few smaller items that all had special meaning behind them (of course! haha). Who say’s it’s difficult to find cool, stylish gifts that give back? Here are some essentials that make for perfect gift ideas!
  • Harry’s Shaving Set: Let’s be real-what man doesn’t like to be treated to a shaving set?! I mean yes, some shave more than others but eventually they all need a trim here and there plus when you tell the dad’s in you life that 1 % of every purchase at Harry’s goes to the organization City Year (New York City Chapter)-they will be so happy!  This organization helps students that attend schools in poverty stricken neighborhoods succeed. So heartwarming!
  • Conscious Step– Aren’t these the cutest socks??! This incredible company is addressing global issues like Hunger, HIV, Education and Water with every pair of socks they sell. As shown above-each pair represents a cause and monetarily contributes to a partner organization. I mean talk about conquering the world one sock at a time! (Amazing!!)
  • Mast Chocolate: I’m a huge fan of locally made products! I’m pretty sure you all have come across Mast Chocolate-they are delicious and the packaging is just soooo adorable! (to be honest I usually base my choice on the packaging paper…lol ) Anyways, this chocolate company have been long time pioneers of the bean to bar chocolate movement-the sweet thing about adding this bar to your father’s day gift is that you can take your dad to the factory in Brooklyn (if you live or are visiting NYC) for a tour! 🙂
  • Kiehl’s: Skincare products always make great gifts-the man I know don’t tend to obsess over products so introducing them to high quality brands that they normally wouldn’t buy is fun! Kiehl’s has a great skincare line for men. They also have a few different social good initiatives such as the Recycle and Be Rewarded Program and Kiehl’s Gives.

Photos by: Me! 🙂


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  1. Cesarina
    June 13, 2016 / 3:58 am

    Great gift options!

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