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I will admit that I was never really good at making my lunch for work every day. I mean don’t get me wrong bringing your own lunch can save you lots of money, could also be healthier for you…blah blah blah but that never stopped me from splurging (yes, I’m not very discipline). It’s especially hard to bring it in the summer when all you want is an excuse to leave the office in the middle of the day! So for those who buy their lunch and still want to keep it healthy and affordable (semi…hehe), here is a work week worth of options for you!


The Top 5 NYC Lunch Spots.

Lourdes Martin enjoying a salad at Sweetgreen.

    • I’m embarrassed to admit that multiple people who work at my closest location know my name.  I’ve been OBSESSED with Sweetgreen for a very long time! I love that each store has a board up on the wall telling me where my greens come from.  I also love their quarterly newsletter that talks about the new seasonal menu and community partnerships. They have opened a ton of locations so there’s a pretty good chance you may have one in your area (sorry, they don’t deliver).
    • My fave: Guacamole Greens…I mean who isn’t a fan of avocado? 
    • Gives back: Sweetgreen in Schools is a program that teaches kids about healthy eating and fitness. This wellness program has expanded to cities in NYC, VA, MD AND D.C. 1% of every purchase through the app (after you’ve unlocked the green level) will be donated to this program. Download the app and use this code to get $3 off 


The Top 5 NYC Lunch Spots

The Top 5 Lunch Spots

    • The name alone made me want to visit this spot. Isn’t it cute?! 🙂 Similar to my other choices, this chain serves seasonal fresh food that is 100% gluten-free (HURRAY!).  The portion sizes are perfect for lunch.
    • My fave: Chicken with lentils and sweet potato.
    • Gives back: Partners with Wellness In The Schools which promotes healthy food kids by implementing curriculums for schools. The Little Beet sponsors PS 36 Margaret Douglas Elementary School and Harlem District, 5. 


PB copy

    • I will start by saying that I go here A LOT.  Juice Generation is such savior when I am running around and need a quick fuel. They’re accessibility and grab and go options make it the perfect place for those who don’t take the full lunch hour.
    • My fave: PB Acai Bowl
    • Gives back: Partners with Harlem Grown, an organization that teaches young children about farming and nutrition. 


The Top 5 NYC Lunch Spots

thebutcher's daughter copy

  • The Butcher’s Daughter 
    • When I heard they opened a second location in NYC, I jumped for joy! You see The Butcher’s Daughter has a cult following which may be the reason you’ll be waiting a while to be seated so I’m only recommending this option if you are flexible or if you wouldn’t mind ordering online. This restaurant is 100% vegetarian and non-dairy. As some of you may know, about a year ago I developed a dairy allergy which totally blows since cheese was such a big part of my meals. But when I tried the Carbonara pasta with vegan ricotta, I was in heaven. Vegan cheese has a bad reputation so to find one that you love is really something. 🙂
    • My fave: Carbonara or Avo Toast
    • Gives back: Ever wonder how awesome it would be to meet the farmers that grow your vegetables and fruits? Well The Butcher’s Daughter does just that! If you go online, you can read about the farmers they work with. There mission is to keep all things local and in the community!


The Top 5 Lunch Spots in NYC

  • JAMS 
    • For my midtown peeps you must stop by this industrial chic restaurant! JAMS resides inside the first floor of the 1 Hotel by central park and serves farm to table fresh food. Take a few of your colleagues and find a spot outside for great people watching. This option might be the priciest on my list but it is well worth it!
    • My fave: A must try Shrimp Salad…so yummy. 
    • Gives back: The 1 Hotel values eco luxury-from the sheets on the rooms to the reclaimed oak used throughout the hotel, including JAMS, this hotel cares about you and our earth.  


  1. Hildalin Rojas
    July 21, 2016 / 7:07 pm

    I love this!!! It’s perf ( if I were still working) 🙂 can we do a lunch date please!

    • Lourdes Martin
      July 21, 2016 / 7:16 pm

      Thank you!! 🙂 🙂 Yes, pick one of these and we can go!XOXO!

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