Escape: Into The Wild

Lourdes Martin in the Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona

Lourdes Martin at Lake Powell

Lourdes Martin at Antelope Canyon

As you already know, my family and I recently went to Arizona for a mini vacation. I had an amazing time catching up and bonding with my dad and brother – it’s been a while since we had time alone and I cherished every second of the trip – we spent our days hiking, sightseeing, eating and resting. This wasn’t my first time in Sedona but it was my first time going to the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend – and if you haven’t been then you MUST plan a trip! I promise you that you will come back rejuvenated and have a renewed appreciation for nature. Standing in front of the canyon and hiking the trails made me realize how much I needed the outdoors – I’m a city girl at heart but as I get older, I crave nature which is not easy to get access to in NYC.  By the end of the trip, I was so calm and felt so at peace that not even a train of rowdy New Yorkers could make me mad!

It was really wonderful to share this experience with my papa and brother -we are already planning next year’s outdoor adventures!


Airbnb: we rented a condo right at the center of town and we loved it! great location and spacious.

Enchantment Resort – this is were I would stay if I was traveling with Thomas or girlfriends! I’ve walked by the property and it’s stunning…a bit pricey but worth it.

 DO :

Hike in Sedona:

  • Sedona has tons of trails that will most likely be in walking distance from your hotel – we did the Devil’s Bridge Trail which was a steep hike but only about 4 miles roundtrip  – very popular so you won’t be alone.

Grand Canyon

  • You can’t see anything else without doing this first. if a spa trip is what you want then staying in Sedona is fine, however, if you want to venture out then the Grand Canyon is only a couple of hours away – easy to get to and you can finally check that off your  “to do” list! 🙂

Horseshoe Bend

  • This is def. a MUST – it really was incredible to see and I felt really at peace just being there. This is a couple of hours away from Sedona so plan accordingly!

Antelope Canyon

  • We were suppose to have a sunny and beautiful day for this tour but it poured and was unseasonably cold but we made the best of it! Antelope Canyon is pretty unreal and you won’t want to miss this however, the tours are not the best because it’s so crowded and you hardly have time or space for pictures. Since you can’t get in without an authorized tour guide, maybe stick to the earlier hours of the day or try a private tour! In the end, you will get gorgeous photos and won’t regret it. FYI – so you won’t freak out like we did – Page, Arizona, which is the area Antelope Canyon is in, follows MDT “time” but the tour companies and most of Page follows MST which would be the same as Sedona – this is important because if you are on your way to a tour guide from Sedona and the time all of a “sudden” changes on you then you will know not to freak out like we did!

Lake Powell Boat Cruise 

  • Okay, usually i would tell you not to do “boat tours” because I’m not into tour guides unless is mandatory but this one was really cool!! This stunning man made lake is gorgeous and you will get some beautiful shots of Antelope Canyon. If you go during the winter months make sure you layer up.

Grab Homemade Cream at Black Cow Cafe in Sedona

  • It’s homemade ice cream and pie’s and the line of customers is always out the door – enough said. 🙂


Here is a short clip of my family vacay – this is a VERY rough cut…not edited at all – I will be including them in my travels moving forward because I think it would be fun to show you guys! Let me know how you like it. xoxo






  1. Mary
    April 14, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    these photos are breathtaking! i love that you shared a more candid video and got to see more of you with your family!

  2. Samapti Taylor
    April 18, 2017 / 10:27 am

    love your guides- short and sweet but full of good info on lodging, food and places for great pics. also love the video as it gives us a deeper glimpse into your life 🙂

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