A One Of A Kind French Cheese Shop In Soho

The desire to keep learning is something that has always been true to who I am.  It reminds of why I majored in Cultural Anthropology in College ( also majored in Women Studies!) –  because I’m curious about the way people live and what they eat etc. And today that hasn’t changed, the older I get the more I want to keep learning. Have you ever thought about taking up a course in your favorite food or wine region? I totally have. In fact, I dream of one day doing a food travel tour in France…how amazing would that be? I’m always in search of experiences that can teach me more about certain cultures through food so today I found a one of a kind cheese shop in New York City! The French Cheese Board it’s tucked in the streets of Soho and its the only French Cheese shop with a venue for classes, demonstrations, and a fully equipped education center for all things French cheese.  It serves as a destination for those interested in learning about the history, art, and lifestyle that goes into the creation of French cheese. The best part about it is that they are constantly switching up the cheese they sell so that you can keep learning about new ones! If you live in NYC or are traveling here soon, add this to your list! Because whether you’re hosting at home or are here on vacation, there’s nothing better than having a story behind what you’re serving at home or learning something new while you travel. A story that tells your guest that the cheese you’re serving comes from a tiny village in France made by a family of cheesemakers….I think it will make the experience that much more magical!

So because I really want you to visit the shop,  I have a surprise for one lucky winner! Read below…:)



Enter to win a Fromage101 Class by following me on Instagram, like my latest picture and tag a friend!

The class includes the following:

Welcome drink

Hands-on training

Cheese tasting

10% discount card

Personalized instruction from a cheese expert

Good luck! Excited to see who wins! xo


Photography by: Paige Campbell Linden


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