The Packing Edit

Once you have booked your vacation and planned the itinerary, you can finally start packing! I actually love to pack (hate to unpack) because it’s fun and to be completely transparent with you all – traveling is the one time I indulge and shop! For inspiration, I usually go to Pinterest for ideas on the palette and styles that will match my taste and country I’m visiting. Some people may not think too hard about it but as I get older, I’ve noticed how wearing certain pieces during my travels becomes a part of the story I create when visiting a new place. If you remember one thing from this post,  let it be this: we have been taught that what you wear is not as important as what you experience but I disagree. It is important because what you wear during a trip becomes part of that beautiful memory. Like that flowy dress, you wore to walk on that beach to watch the sunset or that hat you wore on that trip to Tuscany that matched perfectly with the backdrop – see what I mean? It all matters because, at the end of the day – when you travel, every part becomes part of that memory.

Here are some special pieces I picked out for your next vacation (range of budgets!) – in the next couple of weeks, I will also have a permanent vacation shop to help you pack for all your trips!

I would love to hear where you are traveling to this summer – leave me a comment. xo.







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