Meet Anabel: Learn How Moving To Morocco Changed Her Life

Editor’s Note: I’ve been following Anabel for a long time on Instagram and couldn’t be happier to feature her on the site and share her story with you. She is inspiring and left a stable career in Spain to start a business in Morocco! Anabel curates and sells home goods locally made in Morocco and also hosts yearly retreats for women traveling to Morocco.  As part of this month’s theme of “New Beginnings” – she’s giving us the scoop on why she decided to move to Morocco and where we should eat and hang out. 

Tell us a little about yourself – how long have you lived in Morocco and what do you do for a living?

Enjoying the serene tranquillity of a Moroccan courtyard, watching the endless sand dunes in the desert, seated on the ground on Berber rugs listening to tales of nomadic lives, wandering in the bustle of the medina in Marrakech, learning how to weave within small workshops or strolling through the blue streets of Chaouen is where I learned to appreciate the beauty of handmade things with patience and dedication.  Today, fascinated by the elegant simplicity of the Berber culture so pure and natural, I live between Morocco and Spain. Over the years I have been very fortunate to have nurtured beautiful connections with local women and small workshops in Morroco. I work closely with artisans for you to have the most special pieces and to build a stronger global community through support, creativity, and inspiration.

I also work as a travel planner in Morocco and host retreats for women, I love to share my love for Morocco with other beautiful souls. Check out my site for the next retreat!

How did moving to Morocco from Spain change your life? 

I left my career as the scientist to completely dedicate myself to the work that I’m doing now and I have to say that I’m a completely different person. I feel alive and aligned with my vision and living the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.

If we had one day in Marrakesh, where would you take us for breakfast, coffee, and dinner? 

Hard to decide… I would take breakfast in the tranquility of my Riad, that’s why you should choose a good one. Coffee at the Zwin Zwin café rooftop and dinner at LeJardin for a candlelight night.

What are your favorite shopping gems? 

I love rugs, so I will say a beautiful vintage piece hand weaved by Berber women.

What’s your go-to drinking spot?

I love to go to the new city to have a drink in a Cosmopolitan buta Arabian atmosphere, I love that eclectic mix!

Where do you go to unwind? 

When the Medina is too overwhelming or busy I love to book a hammam ritual and just let the hours go by with scents of the aroma of mint and fleur de orange.

When you travel are you into mountains, beaches or cities?  

I need some days at sea from time to time so I will say beaches!

Describe Morocco in three words. 

Beauty, Vibrant, Life.

Does living there inspire you? And if so, how? 

Yes! Living in Morocco is endlessly inspiring. Waking up in a Riad opened to the sky, going to buy breakfast to the local market, having a walk in the Medina, share mint tea, the call to pray… everything is beautiful and inspiring.

What are some under the radar must – do recommendations for a visitor? 

I already told you some but you shouldn’t miss La Famillie for a delicious veggie lunch, Max and Jan for chic shopping, Café Des Epices at sunset and for the most adventurous dinner at the big square Jemaa el Fnaa in the street stalls.


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