Escape: Monforte, Portugal

I love any hotel property that can slow me down from our hectic lives.  Located on the upper Alentejo area of Monforte, this historic hotel dates back to 1338 was successfully renovated and converted to a wine hotel in 2014.  Torre De Palma was a perfect retreat from busy Lisbon – and a perfect way to start our 12 day Portugal journey.  Three days at this property was probably not enough but we made the most of it! Founded by first-time hoteliers, Ana and Paulo Barradas whose main goal was to keep the essence of this area and land by creating a unique hotel for people who appreciate nature, great food, wine, and history.  This property married the old and the new in the most perfect of ways – during your stay, you feel a sense of peace all while wondering the olden days given all the history of the property.

Thomas and I spent our days either at the pool, wine tasting or exploring the property and area. Keep in mind that Torre De Palma is for those looking for isolation and for a slower pace travel experience. If you’re looking to keep busy or be entertained than this might not be the best option. But do remember that you can mix things up when traveling – for example, Thomas and I stayed at Torre De Palma for a few days but also stayed in different types of properties depending in the area we were visiting.

Thank you, Torre De Palma, for introducing us to this region of Portugal, and immersing us in your history.

“The Romans are a model for us,” explains Paulo. “They brought wine, olive oil, horses, and spas to this land, and their model for living is ours—2,000 years later, those very elements are what Torre de Palma is all about.”


Torre De Palma Wine Hotel 


Eat Breakfast and Dinner at Basilii -we ate here every day! Michelin quality dishes – the food was great and most of the ingredients come from the organic garden right on the property (FYI – we walked by the garden every day!) and even the olive oil is made at the hotel which can make for a nice souvenir! The breakfast which comes with the room rate is abundant and filling. This hotel is isolated and the restaurant options are almost non-existent, but we were more than happy to eat at Basilii the entire time becuase it was so good!

Dinner at Pousada De Marvao – We didn’t try this restaurant but the views look amazing and have great reviews.

Sunset drinks at Torre De Palma – Before dinner head to the tower inside the hotel for complimentary wine to watch the sunset…the views are perfect.


Enjoy the hotel grounds – So many times we are focused on what attractions are outside the hotel that we don’ t spend enough time just relaxing. Torre De Palma offers horseback riding, wine tastings, and special vineyard tours (you can even partake in traditional winemaking!)  – click here for a list of the activities offered on the property.

Visit the picturesque village of Marvao – I will be doing a special post about this beautiful Medieval Town but know that this a MUST. We drove about 45 min to an hour – I will warn you that the drive is full of tiny winding roads but trust me when I say that it’s worth it.

Explore the town of Evora – 1 hour away from the hotel.  Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage site and rich in the Neolithic, Roman, Arab and Medieval cultures.


Rent a car in Lisbon and drive over because it will make your life 100x easier.  Monforte is pretty spread out so calling an uber might not always work best since it’s in the middle of nowhere! Plus renting a car will give you more control of your time.



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