5 Ways To Spend Less Money When Packing For A Trip

So now that you have booked that fabulous trip, it’s time to start thinking of packing! If you’re anything like me – I pack weeks in advance (crazy, I know!) – I mean there are those occasions where I will wait but for the most part I slowly start planning all my outfits early on. There are several reasons as to why I do that – one because when we travel we shoot content and there’s a lot of coordination involved in the process which includes choosing outfits for specific locations so planning in advance is a must, two, I tend to shop more when I’m about to travel than any other time so starting early gives me the opportunity to stalk items I want on sale! Today I want to give you the scoop on how I buy key pieces for my trips at a low price or how to save money when thinking of your outfits.

Hack # 1: Don’t be afraid to repeat outfits:  Yes, repeating is something I ALWAYS do. I don’t really care if someone has seen me a million times in an outfit but if your someone that does care than remember traveling is the one opportunity you can “repeat” because typically you are less likely to run into someone you know while on vacation! So before you start shopping see what pieces you have in the closet that you can take on your next trip.

Hack #2: Hello, Rent The Runway:  So I’m mildly obsessed with RTR because it has saved me a ton of money.  As much as we all love to shop for a trip, we can agree that some pieces are meant to be worn once. RTR has been a great way to rent a few pieces that would have cost me hundreds of dollars but with the unlimited membership cost me only $99! So for example, on our recent trip to Portugal, I borrowed 4 dresses that if I initially would have purchase full price would have cost me over $1,000 – see my point?

Hack #3: Consignment Shops:  Have you heard of The Real Real? It’s recently become one of my favorite luxury consignment sites – they have the best designers with the best prices. I recently bought a few pieces that even had tags on them and at a steep discount. Moving forward, anytime I want an investment piece, I will check The Real Real first before buying it anywhere else at a full price!

Hack #4: Be aware of annual sales:  At this point, we all know when big department stores have their annual sale – so plan ahead and keep your travels in mind. Take a look at this article that breaks down what months are best for certain items.

Hack #5: Sell items you no longer need:  Selling items you no longer wear on eBay or Poshmark will help you feel less guilty when shopping for a trip. Maybe promise yourself that you won’t shop for new clothes unless you get rid of pieces you no longer wear.

Photography by: Jaclyn Simpson 


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