Escape: Lauterbrunnen Valley


There is a reason as to why I saved this guide for last.  Lauterbrunnen Valley swept me away and reminded me why I started building this site with a focus on travel.  The moment when I stepped out the train and saw that we were surrounded by mountain peaks and waterfalls…I practically lost it. If you google it, you will come across many articles that say it’s considered one of the most beautiful and idyllic places in the world. I’m here to tell you that I’ve never seen anything like it.

Lauterbrunnen Valley is a special place because it was created by glaciers. The massive cliffs that make this area so majestic were carved out by glaciers during the ice age. It’s a popular hub for skiers and outdoor enthusiast because it has access to the ski towns like Wengen and Murren.

We stayed in Lauterbrunnen because it’s a good base and accessible by trains. After visiting Wengen (which was beautiful as well) – we were glad that we chose to stay in Lauterbrunnen because there were fewer hotels and therefore fewer people. Note that this particular area is not fancy…you will find timber lodges and a few restaurants but if you’re looking for luxurious properties than visiting the surrounding towns might be best. I’ll add a few options below.


Hotel Silberhorn – This is where we stayed in Lauterbrunnen – a very basic hotel but with incredible views. We booked this leg of the trip very last minute so most hotels were sold out. I would honestly stay here again because the location was perfect. You literally get off the train and are right by the entrance.  The staff was kind and helpful with any questions. Our room had the most amazing view. Below are a few other options that have great reviews in different areas.

Victoria Jungfrau and Grand Hotel Spa – This luxurious hotel is located in Interlaken but a hop and skip away from Lauterbrunnen and all the surrounding towns.

Hotel Belvedere – Super luxurious and beautiful – centrally located in Wengen. If money is not a problem then this is a great option.


Hotel Restaurant Silberhorn – We ate here because we stayed at the hotel but I recommend it even if you aren’t staying here. I recommend grabbing some wine and ordering the cheese fondue. 🙂

Hotel Schonegg  – In Wengen with great reviews and gorgeous views.

Da Sina Pizzeria  – Highly rated for its pizza!

Bar Belvedere – Panoramic views over the Jungfrau mountain area – this is perfect for grabbing a cocktail before heading to dinner. This is also located in Wengen.

Restaurant Caprice – Fine dining and vegetarian-friendly!


Day-trip to Jungfrau Region – I wrote an entire post about this area! It’s a MUST DO.

Spend time in the surrounding towns – Wengen, Murren and, Grindelwald. If you go during the Summer months than you can hike along all these areas. During the Winter is a little bit tougher to do if you’re not prepared, however, Thomas and I did hike down from Wengen into the Valley because there was little snow on the ground so it wasn’t too bad.

Kleine Scheidegg is 2,061 above sea level so it offers incredible views of the Eiger Mountain – this also a hub because of the train station. I would def. go here even if it’s just for the views and lunch!

Hike to the 72 waterfalls! If the weather permits, add this to your list. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see them all but you should. 😉


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